Psi dreaming contests have always been exciting features of our conferences. After our 2020 gathering was canceled, new questions began to form:

Could the popular Precognitive Dream Contest be converted into a regular IASD offering to dreamers around the world, one that would raise funds for our organization? Can we streamline a contest design that’s sustainable? Would dreamers pay to participate? Are there other opportunities for fundraising?

Join facilitators Cynthia Pearson and Robert Waggoner in a pilot Precognitive Dream Contest to help us find out!

As you may know, IASD’s Annual Conference is not only a way to maintain community but also the organization’s primary source of annual income. During this difficult time, we hope to dream and connect by experimenting with precognitive dreaming and sharing our results. And you are welcome to offer your impressions and feedback concerning the prospect of rendering this popular contest into an income stream for IASD.

The Contest Schedule

Day 1 (Sunday, June 14) – Participants follow the instructions posted for incubating a precognitive dream.

Day 2 (Monday, June 15) – Participants post their dream reports on the discussion board; midnight (EDT) is the deadline for dream entries to be posted.

Day 3 (Tuesday, June16) -- Via random number generator (, from a numbered list of over 150 images, a target picture will be selected and posted on the discussion board.

Participants are then encouraged to hold forth, observing correspondences between the dream reports and the target. Each dreamer is invited to “blow your own horn.”

Day 4 (Wednesday, June 17) – The names of the most notable “Precognitive Dream Champs” will be posted on the discussion board. Champs will receive certificates denoting their accomplishments via email.

Ready to go? Click here for the Instructions for participating in the Precognitive Dream Contest!